Campaign of the Month: May 2016


We three things ...


In the eerie silence of midday, Captain Gullnipper’s SPEEDWELL coasted past the tomb laden hills of Karn’lothra into the harbour of ANAMARETH, the City Unforgotten. Leaving Spikey Jonze behind to guard the goblin, the others stepped onto the shore and tried to talk to some of the locals. Some ignored them. Some closed their shutters. Some ran away…but one young man, beguiled by some of the most beautiful lute playing ever to grace the town (courtesy of Jonni Helmsgard) stopped to listen. He even spoke: “We don’t talk to strangers!”

At the top of the hill rose the castle of Queen Ilnora, so SCHMIDT HAPPENS boldly made their way there until assailed by a strange undead hound that could fly, disappear, howl, trip, rake and coup de grace. Quite the PARTY ANIMAL! Jonni Helmsgard and Yander both fell in the first wave, but the group were able to defeat the LICH HOUND by careful manoeuvring and brilliant strategy. Arca Domina took the high ground, Anastrianna attacked ferociously in double weapon frenzy, Arcael delivered potent spells and the Cleric Henry Ansara kept the stricken alive.

When the dastardly dog was destroyed, the group wiped the floor with it. Literally! All over the place, entrails, bones and all! But Arca Domina, on the high ground, heard a sound: “Ooh ooh! Ah! Ah!” You guessed it – MONKEY SWARM! Brave Yander hid on the roof, noble Lord Flasheart kicked in a door, and the others piled into an empty house, with Arcael taking the lead in using old furniture to barricade the broken door closed. Unfortunately, Anastrianna remained outside to fight off the swarm. However, pretty soon, with the help of spells from Arcael, arrows from Arca Domina and some expert hiding by Yander, the swarm was overcome and ran away burning into the distance.

Making their way upwards toward the castle, the group encountered another two Lich Hounds, and although remaining victors they chose to hold off in another empty house to wait for nightfall before approaching further….


Wait for nightfall to attack a fortress of Dark? Is that truly wise?

We three things ...

It DOES seem strange, but you weren’t fighting those LICH HOUNDS!

We three things ...

Also, it is not their mission to ATTACK the fortress, but to SEEK AUDIENCE with the queen….

We three things ...

I feel i am not getting the recognition i deserve for my expensive monkey burning. I guess if we successfully conquer the surrounding territories the lychee queen will have to give us an audience.

We three things ...

Aw, I DID mention burning monkeys at the end. It’s so hard to embroider every fact in a short synopsis. However, players’ own accounts of their personal victories will always be MOST WELCOME! Either just go ahead and add one in…or send me text and I’ll format it and stick it in with the other adventure logs.

We three things ...

Arcael’s Journal (written in a cypher and in Old Caelmaron):

This almost feels like an exposition…

The bard has proven moderately useful thus far as has the rogue and the moody monk, they possibly have use as long-term allies. It may be wise to make continual and subtle overtures of ‘loyalty’ to them to keep them onside.

The Ranger, I am sure will one day charge to some doom, followed probably by the Paladin – both are too aggressive and unpredictable to invest much in. Or should that be too predictably homicidal? I should develop some summoning expertise in order to compensate for when their eventual demise occurs… and have a means of escape ready.

The Lich Hounds are troublesome in numbers or when they can potentially attack me, but their weakness to cold means I can conserve spells. When we return to civilisation I should remember to suggest that my ‘companions’ buy some weapons of use against monsters such as the fey and un-dead… Odin knows how I came to be adventuring with a group so ignorant of the matters of faith and undeath… That fact alone means I have little hope for them in the longer term.

The Lich Queen will need to be courted with gifts I suspect, it is probable that this group wouldn’t know etiquette if it danced naked before them… I have little optimism we will avoid combat.

We three things ...

Good to see Arcael’s thoughts again. Always such sage contemplation!

We three things ...
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