Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Voyage to the Golden City

Report by Shadow Demon Ephtus Crynge


I followed a group of mortals along one of the Shadow Roads from Zobeck. For the most part they were guided by the Sluagh Knuckeltooth so I could not approach, but when they rested, Knuckletooth took guard position some way away from the group, and I made my move. Summoning one of my brethren, who summoned another, we all cast evocations and attacked with Deeper Darkness. The power of the Shadow Road suppresses our power of possession, so we were hampered from the start.

But these were no ordinary mortals. Godslayers they were, by the markings on their brow, and one at least, in league with the bitch Sarastra, pitting Shadow Brother against Shadow Brother. A sorcerer, a thief, a barbarian, a dragonkin warrior and a werelion cleric of Thoth. Too powerful were they for our group. With my companions slain, I had to retreat into the mystical forest. Forgive me, Oh Master….


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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