Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Village of the damned....


From the moment THE ENIGMATICS entered the Village of Lecova, they could feel that something was not quite right. From the fierce-looking wood wards to the erratic animal behaviour and the whispered superstition of the inhabitants, the small settlement on the outskirts of The Old Margreve looked certain to reveal dark secrets as the ministers of MYSTERIA delved into recent events.

Rumours had it that the death of blessed ELRIC STRADIVARIUS may have set a curse in motion. Certainly, it looked that way, with animals going mad, a villager killed by his beloved bull and a night attack by savage wolves. The merry minstrels did well to organise the village against the wolf attack. Arca Domina was almost killed but Arcael was quick to help, and Lord Flasheart and Anastrianna did what they could to prevent the death of many by their own hand as terrified villagers fired crossbows into the darkness at anything that moved, friend or foe!

On the second day, the group resolved to find a missing girl and her beloved pig and ran into some serious danger when they tried to recover the girl’s body from the swarm of savage bees that had killed them. Truman Click and Yander almost died as they each took turns at distracting the bees until they could all get far enough away to remain safe. Two more villager bodies were found but the group could not trace the wolves through the thick forest and were forced to return.

However, the villagers had warmed to the party, thanks to their heroic actions, and threw a great feast for them, with the tastiest goose they could barbeque. They had already determined that the flute for which they had the title deed was in the possession of the senile old priest of YARILA and POREVIT, held at the chapel. They had also heard some of the children singing a song and had started to learn the words.

They slept well that night……….until midnight!


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