Campaign of the Month: May 2016


They came in through the bathroom window...


Majestic statues stand twixt regal columns in marble halls under the open sun. Complex rhythms permeate the air punctuated by the dull echoing sound of occasional splashing water, for this must be the OLD STROSS PUBLIC BATHS, where enigmatic adventurers enter, adorned only by towels of modest veiling.

There sits a tiefling female all alone. Lord Flasheart, followed by frivolous fans, breaks away to talk to her, using secret code. Yander spies a well-known ghoul in steaming pool, while Arcael flirts with aritstocracy. The tiefling turns and hearkens to the plan, regretting all that’s happened and wanting to make amends.

But towel-flicking terror approaches as greedy citizens, spurred on by promise of reward and accompanied by intricate ragtime notes converge on our heroes. Yander bravely runs and Ilyana Greymark follows. But Truman Click and Anastrianna are held by sweaty hand as Arca Domina and Arcael take up rear guard to escourt favoured tiefling from the building. Bully boy bashing beats Flasheart to the ground but cries of “RAPE!” from enterprising ranger bring unwanted attention of armed guards and witnesses disappear into steamy rooms.

Bruised and battered paladin is healed by Rava ’s magic and our heroes all repair to the-dented-shield-hotel to formulate their plan.

Expert sneaking and well planned action takes out two guards in The Silk Scabbard and handsome payment buys favour, so that Iskra brings to them The Book of Dark Confessions, and The Enigmatics leave unnoticed through the secret CARTWAYS exit after some marvels of martial mayhem by Arca Domina. Messages are sent via the Masters of Small Matters to both The Spyglass Guild and The Cloven Nine: “Meet at HOMMNAL’s BOTANNICAL ROOF TOP at Night, if you want to see THE BOOK!”

Midnight approaches, as day turns into expectant night!


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