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The Touble with Women

The Double Trouble of Djins


Iwandornless had always had difficulty seeing the point in material non-essentials, not withstanding the obscene amount of pointless procreation Goran partook in. He had once again landed The Oozes into the cesspit of petty human lust and materialism. If it wasn’t valuable he had no interest, 1st it was paintings and now some insanely dense Princes.

This female was driving him to distraction so much for easy money! He thought, whilst sidestepping another clumsy sword swing. It was besides the point that, as it turns out, she maybe a Djin, with a mildly psychotic Paladin after her hide. Unpleasant beings having never worked an honest days labour in their lives. Another part of the flaming tent cracked, time to go.

(Some time Later)

Yup definitely a Djin though that sword show was quite the thing. Hmm, I’ll need to talk to Angus Short when we get back, temporary fight may be useful in the future… Aerial ambushes.

Ambushes that reminds me I’ll need to apologise for slaying that Paladin at some point, just couldn’t run the risk of him following us. That Greenbough fellow won’t stop saying how he was already dead, just knocked him unconscious I rekon, but if a polite agreement can sooth him for now it shall suffice. Arcael didn’t look best pleased upon seeing that Pudding chap either at the end. No doubt he’ll end up in an ‘accident’ at some point.


Great insights from the clockwork bard himself!

The Touble with Women

Love this “pointless procreation Goran partook in.”

The Touble with Women
twiggyleaf Dragathorian

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