Campaign of the Month: May 2016


The Niflheim Tunnel

Report of the Quickling Thuvis Cloudshadow to the Queen of Night and Magic


Thuvis Cloudshadow: Your Majesty, with the aid of your Dark Sculptor and his servants have I guarded the shadow road mountain pass of Niflheim against many wayfarers, but these were guided by a sluagh, and not only that, a thief commanded one of your own servants against me.
Sarastra: That is my will. How fared they?
Thuvis Cloudshadow: The sculptor is destroyed. The Moebius Strip broken.
Sarastra: And yet you stand here before me.
Thuvis Cloudshadow: Your humble servant, Majesty.
Sarastra: You are quick witted, and fleet of foot. I like both those properties. Do you not sense a test of two mettles?
Thuvis Cloudshadow: Have I failed you, Majesty?
Sarastra: Not at all. Tell me of the sorcerer.
Thuvis Cloudshadow: Powerful, I think. And aided by a Cleric of Thoth. And two mighty warriors, one dragonkin, the other human.
Sarastra: Do you feel lucky to be alive?
Thuvis Cloudshadow: With your blessing, Your Majesty.


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