Campaign of the Month: May 2016


The Mitey Quinn


For years Duxt the Mite had tended the traps in the lair of the Honey Queen. It was a long and lonely life with only dumb bees for friends. Still, a mite shouldn’t grumble. At least those bees didn’t care how ugly he was.

There were quite a few visitors to the Hive of Effildawnan but most of them did their business in the entrance chamber so Duxt didn’t get to meet any beings other than giant bees, and they just sort of buzzed along.

So he tended his traps, swept up shiney wax corridors, attended to any protruding branches and generally kept the place clean. Sometimes he would practice his archery and swordsmanship on some hanging roots. He always had to be ready for a possible attack.

And now he heard it. The crumbling sound of a trap sprung. Gleefully he got up from his squat and loaded his puny shortbow. “Gosh! A couple of bigfellas! I’ll go for the smaller guy first. Dratz! Missed! I hope he misses too!”

(The Elven Curve Blade of Vairn Constiain sliced deeply from nave to chops and Duxt’s tale was done.)


Adios Duxt! Fun little behind-the-scenes log.

The Mitey Quinn

Mitey true!

The Mitey Quinn

For minutes Falathar had conquested through this awful and sickly sweet smelling hive in the search of honey and glory. His worthy companion Taurus and he lead the vangard of the parties expedition encountering less than impressive foes.
As they strode forward one of his oldest nd greatest foes struck from the shadows taking them both by supprise and seperating them from the group….“Gravity my old foe we meet again” thought Falathar as its effects became aparent throwing the two to the sticky floor.
Upon landing falathars vision was filled with a small and disgusting creature armed with a pathetically small bow and the inessant buzzing that has harassed his ears throught this journey. The small and disgusting creature acting in inglorious fashion decided to take an oppertune shot its pitiful attempt only serving to enrage Falathar, Adrenaline surging he charged forward to meet the insolent foe and his family blade yearning for blood has its thirst quenched in one swift stroke.
“Perhaps if he had shown the decency to allow an opponent a fair chance i would have allowed him the flat blade” He thought as the gore coated the walls.

The Mitey Quinn

LOL! There are always two sides to every story!

The Mitey Quinn
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