Campaign of the Month: May 2016


The Free Eclectic Band

Old Ben Gone
Brandon Kane

Arcael – Vocals
Incendarius – Percussion
Old Ben Gone – Moonshine Jugs
Taurus – Bagpipes
Brandon Kane – Mandolin
Kotira – Keyboards

At the offer of ELUSHIEL STARBEARER, our astral minstrels enter the STAR CITADEL to await an audience with KING IORATAS and QUEEN ASTRAKIA to discuss their plight. SCHMIDT HAPPENS are given a day to either remove the LEVIATHAN or sign it over to the Star Citadel for butchery. Failure to do one of these things will result in the party being blinded and cast into the void. However, Arcael’s great oratory powers are not in vain for as the group leave the temple a starbearer whispers to him that ABDIEL, MASTER OF THE BRIDLE, has the very item that they need to control the huge interstellar beast.

The group spend some time discovering the wonders of the Star Citadel, determining the majority of its inhabitants to be starbearers, augur kytons and arbiter inevitables. They also see some white haired albino Halflings of the Stars, a stern HOUND ARCHON guarding the armoury, a stressed out SHADOW FEY running the kitchen, and an over-run alchemist, SCARLET CRUCIBLE, who seems friendly enough but cannot offer any appointments within the next three months. In search of PRINCESS MYDELLA of the STARRY LOVERS, they enter the temple but are met only by subservient priests, praying to twin statues of HECATE and VELES.

With Elushiel Starbearer arranging an appointment with Abdiel, Master of the Bridle, the party arrive at the BUTCHER’S TOWER and are invited to a celebratory toast. The wine is fine but poisoned, and as Arcael and Taurus slump to the floor, the Master makes his attack, aided not only by two Augur Kytons but also by their devious guide, Elushiel Starbearer..

The fate of SCHMIDT HAPPENS may well be decided in this room.


This is clearly a side-project for Arcael to let him explore a new ‘sound’. :-P

The Free Eclectic Band

On a more serious note I again think we are in deep shit again and need to put some baddies down before the bleed damage kills the summoner, and possibly the minotaur, and possibly me. We’ve spread our damage out a bit too much and some characters are quite (situationally) far from help in the next few rounds.

There will be blood.

The Free Eclectic Band

LOL! I’m glad to see that the EGO of our LEAD VOCALIST remains HIGH!

(I agree with your assessment. Waking that sorcerer should be of prime concern. The BOOK of VAEL TUROG would not want to reveal himself in its current situation, but I am most certain it would agree with Stigandr’s analysis.)

The Free Eclectic Band

I had considered Fireball… (Sorry Summoner…)

The Free Eclectic Band

I just hope that Elushiel Starbearer gets his butt handed to him….

The Free Eclectic Band
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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