Campaign of the Month: May 2016


The Final Countdown

Death Trap avoided and Magical Tome delivered


Having vanquished a ravenous slime ooze, Teenage Rampage set about overcoming the Death Trap, a pit trap to the underground, activated by opening the door on the far side of the 5 foot square corridor.

Jack of Badside Row, enlarged by Spinwind, held Squeek Squaker out at arm’s length to open the door and de-activate the trap. The kobold felt proud to declare his success, but none dared to step on that floor. Instead, Jack threw the unwilling kobaldi into the room, where he was immediately attacked by a Clockwork Huntsman hidden behind the wall. The next attack immobilised the kobold and he was knocked unconscious.

Jack jumped in and avoided a second net. Next came the mighty leap of Sni Ve-Lor, followed by a telporting Spinwind. Finally Gangwulf made the leap of faith and the crew fought the clockwork creature to it’s demise, with Sni Ve-lor delivering the fatal blow that killed the creature, exploding it in a powerful eruption of steam and deadly metal, unfortunately killing Squeek.

After a brief tussle over the book, with Spinwind finding it hard to fight his insane urge for personal possession, the tome was finally put safely into the bag of holding. A few other magical wizardly items were found and taken, and the group managed to leave the Cold Cellars and the ancient home of Leviticus Margase without any further trouble.

On presentation of the book, Krispy Dacon was able to give the party a good deal on a “Raise Dead” and the party still received 7000 GP of their promised reward.

Time to rest and take stock of the situation for a few weeks!


It was good to see Squeek returned to us, Lada be praised. I just hope that Jack keeps his promise to be less reckless and to protect Squeek from now on. I shall certainly ensure that he is regularly reminded of his obligations towards him.

The behaviour of Spinwind concerns me, whilst he has always been erratic and easily distracted his recent obsession with magic cannot be healthy. I am wondering if his possession of the phylactery is linked in some way to this? I shall watch over him and help him if I can.

I have invested the rewards of my adventuring wisely, purchasing new armour and weapons as well as gloves to further aid my powers of healing. I have also given 700 gold to my parents for their safekeeping and to provide me with a ransom if needed. No doubt my associates will squander their share and Jack will be looking for more opportunities for glory. Truth be told, as I sit here smoking and drinking coffee, I do feel an inner yearning to adventure again. I shall go with them, to look after them… Yes, to look after them.

The Final Countdown

Such a caring young soul, that Gangwulf!

The Final Countdown
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