Campaign of the Month: May 2016



Lady Wintesla Marack strode through the antechamber of the Blue House with swift purpose, but ever mindful of the web of plots that continually connected all major players in the city of Zobeck. The balance of “web-strands” between the council members were of particular importance to her and her recent capture by Darakhul crime lord Radu Underhill, had severely influenced her thoughts and schemes, even more troubled by the fact that she was miraculously still alive, and free.

It was not like Radu Underhill to make such a mistake, so the Lady of The Blue House, and supreme leader of The Spyglass Guild, still had to question the whole affair. Perhaps it was some secretive plot by Volstaff Greymark. He was ever a tricky one, and she knew from her spies that he was still smarting from the invasion of his secret chambers by those that called themselves The Oooze. She knew they had tried to steal The Fish and The Rose, and although they had failed in this, the very fact that they had discovered his secret chambers must be troubling the corrupt Zobeck Counsellor.

And after all, was it not Arcael the Caelmaran, who had been responsible for coercing Lord Greymark’s daughter, Ilyana, to leave town? The fact that The Oooze were currently in Siwal did nothing to quell Lady Marack’s suspicions – plots were her reason for living, and plots stretched toward all sides of the world, as far as she was concerned.

She turned to her officer, a stern faced man who seemed to notice every speck of dust that moved in the air around him: “Keep the watch on those musicians in Siwal. I want to know every move they make. And get more information on that were-lion Cleric. They may be far away in worldly position, but I would yet keep them closer in thought. And book me a meeting with the Guildmaster of the Arcane Collegium – It’s time he and I had another chat.”


The Ooze thwart the plans of the Evil!! This one seems particularly troublesome, however.

The Eyes of Zobeck

It’s kind of OOC knowledge of what’s going back at home. None of the players would have any way of knowing about it, but I thought I’d just give them a taster.

The Eyes of Zobeck
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