Campaign of the Month: May 2016


The Black Pearl in Motion

A very busy time...


The group is visited by Captain Boris Yeltsin and Xavier offers poor equivocation as to the nature of the GOD SLAYING tattoos.
New business venture named as THE BLACK PEARL
Stall set up in The Grand Bazaar
Saabu Theet finds some good scroll dealers but balks at the price of black ink in Harkesh
Some chatting takes place in The Black Nurian
Karn Gudin may have “spooked” Mustapha Ibrahim with some probing questions
Goran takes a definite “WRONG TURN” in Seggotan’s Rear
Arcael finds Mr Tommy Visconti to be somewhat distateful
Krispy Dacon helps to ease tensions with Vasili Volti and Goran is released
Following a lead from a message slipped under the door, Arcael and The Oooze set out for Scallywag’s Alley to find Shylock
Alas! A trap is sprung by “a parcel of rogues”, with the fight interrupted by an earthquake and the emergence of a dreadful Crimson Worm.

The adventure continues….


I find Tommy Visconti distasteful personally in this- nothing like the great Tony Visconti
Shylock appears very different from the images his name represents!

The Black Pearl in Motion

It seems NOBODY likes Mr Tommy!

The Black Pearl in Motion
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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