Campaign of the Month: May 2016


That smell....


The stench of death was never a stranger to Karn’lothra but it reeks a little stronger today!

Waking up in a stranger’s house after a long rest, the party are just in time to catch the fading light of the day as a strange ghostly figure flies toward them. Mad Prince Deland is an envoy to Queen Ilnora and wishes to know the business of the new visitors to Anamareth. He converses with Arcael in his ancient Ankeleshian accent until he hears that the group not only wish an audience with his queen, but that they bear gifts from afar.

Bidding them leave their weapons behind, he takes them past two barnacle-encrusted Draugr at the gates, and into the presence of the tall queen and her royal escourt. HEARTLESS PEARL seems to be the commander over four more draugr, while Queen Ilnora dwarves them all with her almost untainted beauty, standing a full seven feet tall and bearing only the slightest whiff of decay.

The queen accepts the hounds gladly and the saltmice gleefully and is persuaded by the flowery language of Arcael to allow a visit to the Tomb of Qoraz for the minstrels to “pay their respects”.

Waiting until daylight, SCHMIDT HAPPENS climb up the slopes of the island’s volcano for almost two hours before reaching the walls surrounding the tomb. Arca Domina climbs over the wall while the others discover an unlocked iron gate and walk through. Jonni Helmsgard and Spikey Jonze have remained on the ship, but the rest of the party scramble their way up the steep rocks through the cold sulphurous air until they reach a RED DOOR set in the rock.

Using the Key of Veles to open the door, the party witness a long thin passage with a strange light at the end and two wispy forms that rush toward them. Yander and Arca Domina fall prey to a pit trap. Yander manages to save himself but the monk falls in with the wispy forms following behind her to attack.

It is soon pretty clear these wispy forms are no trifles when Arca Domina stops moving. Anastrianna and Lord Flasheart both attempt to rescue the lithe form of the Zen Archeress, while brave Yander leaps over the pit toward the end of the passage, where a bright light seems to be consumed by an evil darkness and moving shadows. The bravery of Yander will be sung about for many days as will his noble death at the nebulous hands of the VAMPIRIC MISTS of the Tomb of Qoraz.

Arcael fired countless magic rays into the creature but with each of their life sapping attacks, draining blood and constitution, the creatures seemed to grow in strength. The ranger Anastrianna cut into them with her mighty bastard sword, but losing her grip, slipped and fell on her own bloody blade. Soon the mists were devouring both her and the cleric, Henry Ansara and, realising there was no further point in continuing the lost cause, Arcael and Lord Flasheart retreated to mourn their friends and to consolidate their remaining strength.

To those who have died in the quest for Mysteria, we salute you!


Songs will be sung, yes, but no longer by 2 of Schmidt Happens…. a sad day, indeed.

That smell....

Um…that’s “THREE” of Schmidt Happens, as it happens! For Schmidt’s sake!!!!!

That smell....
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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