Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Many would say the The Triolan Quarter is no decent place for a teenager to hang about after dark. With regular Dragonkin patrols treading the main roads, and untold kobold spies snooping about all over the place, you would think a wise human teenager would stay at home. But there again, Marc, David, Brian and Noddy were not what you would call “wise” human teenagers. They often gathered on warm evenings in quiet alleyways for some clandestine beverages and a good old “fling”, and who could blame them.

On one of these nights, a strong alcoholic bravado overcame them and they decided to seek dark adventure (and let’s face it, the chance of finding some treasure) in the run down backstreets and shanties behind the Scriptorium of Thoth Hermes. They found a secret passage and a stairway going down. Colder it got, as they descended. Eventually, as the ground levelled out in dark dusty passageways, the atmosphere became positively chilling. They came across an old door. It was a bit “funky”, thought Noddy. And he felt shivers up and down his spine, as well as the flaring of his own nostrils.

Marc looked round at his companions. They all had basic armour and some good quality weapons, so he thought “WHAT THE HELL…” and kicked down the door. A rush of cold and pungent odours met them as they stared into the darkness. Something moved. Something big! A guardian frost drake was no joke and the party wounds were heavy, but they eventually wrestled the beast to the ground and squeeze, poked and battered the life out of its eyes with their murderous tools.


No treasure here. They would have to continue. “Thank Thoth for Healing Potions” David thought. With their torches held high, they moved down the corridors, encountering a few animated skeletons. (Horrid things, with dangerous scimitars, but easily smashed.) At the end of the passage was a chamber with a single sarcophagus in its centre.

Brian moved forward to investigate, but as soon as he did, the sarcophagus exploded and an undead warrior skeleton rose up from the grave and attacked them with his greatsword. He delivered a near deadly wound to Noddy, but luckily they had the numerical advantage. With careful stepping and thrusting, borne of years of martial training, the group outmaneuvred the undead warrior and brought his form to rest.


Inside the broken remains of the ancient tomb they found three potions, and gems to the value of 1000 GP. They took these, as well as the magical greatsword and armour from the destroyed warrior, and made their way to the surface. Time for a party!!!


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