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Tales from the Empire

The Justice of Captain Temujin Khitai


Captain Temujin Khitai was one of three officers who alternated as Commander of the Triolan Quarter in Harkesh, a ghetto for lowly Jambuka (soft skinned races) who were not native to the province, most of them having some sort of Trade Permit that granted them the right to trade in the Grand Bazaar closer to the city centre. He worked directly for Governor Vladimir Potemkin, a corrupt military overlord who stayed in the Royal Palace and spent most of his time in the Quarter visiting the local Jambuka dignitaries and traders. Judicial matters within the ghetto were left mainly to the ghetto itself, or to the Scriptorium of Thoth-Hermes, but Temujin liked to “get dirty” in such affairs, and so it was that he now intevened in a local human dispute.

Two women had been found arguing over the ownership of a human child, each claiming to be the mother. His dragonkin soldiers had brought them to their Captain on Duty, to listen to the claims and make judgement. Both women seemed to have equal claims and so he pronounced his verdict.
“Each of these Jambuka females appears to have equal claim to the child, but do they show equal love?” He gazed around at the small crowd – mainly humans, a few sniggering Kobaldi at the edges of the crowd. “I order that the child be sliced in half and each mother be given an equal portion.”
With this, there was a sharp intake of breath among the crowd, but one of the women moved forward: “Great Captain, if this be the judgement, I drop my claim – better that the child may live.”
Temujin nodded triumphantly. Surely, this was the real mother of the child, he thought.
“I give the child to this woman,” he said to the crowd. Now go and be about your business."
Later, Temujin had both women brought to him privately. To the one with the child, he gave a sword and commanded she cut the head from the other. Holding the child in his sharp dragonkin claws until the deed was done, his soldiers then disposed of the body of the other woman. He gave the distraught mother a gold piece and told her never to speak of her act, or her child would be next on his list. She nodded in fearful understanding. Captain Temujin hated all Jambuka, but those that were victors under his command must remain strong.

Here endeth the lesson…


I’m sure there is a lesson or two we shall teach him about the strength of Jambuka.

Tales from the Empire

I hope so.

Tales from the Empire
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