Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Summertime.....and the living aint easy!


Another month’s rent is paid at 10 Wheatsheaf Lane and The Enigmatics saunter into the summer looking for entertainment … or work. Entertainment seems easier to find, with a gig at their very own Wheatsheaf Tavern Saturday night. But alas, the entertainment doesn’t pitch and so our enterprising bards take up their instruments to save the evening. Truman Click’s flute solo is out of tune but altogether the crowd is happy and the Lord Flasheart groupies are born.

But Arcael is worried about his friend that didn’t show. It’s not like that irrepressible half-gnome to miss out on a spot of adulation. Anastrianna and Arca Domina cat burgle their way into M’thanth the Mocking’s apartment to find a cut throat being the ultimate excuse for non attendance.

Perhaps M’thanth cut too close to the bone in his dealings with The Cloven Nine. But employment rears its hopeful head in the form of Grigori, a friend of Simon Taylor’s. He’s looking for Lord Graymark’s daughter, Ilyana. She’s got herself into some trouble with The Spyglass Guild and he needs to find her before they do. But The Cloven Nine are looking for her too!

An uncalled for meeting with several members of The Spyglass Guild turns into a skirmish, but Click’s quick thinking saves the day and the fight ends before any fatalities, with the “Guild” warning the party that it would be better for them to co-operate and turn Ilayana over to them when they find her.

The search of Ilyana begins in The Silk Scabbard where The Enigmatics make contact with Ilyana’s “lady friends”, Iskra and Filipa. They don’t know where she is, saying Ilyana was too scared of The Cloven Nine to tell them where she would hide. The adventurers begin to leave, but as they approach the exit to the bar, they are blocked by some rather unsavoury armed thugs…..

Who are these men? What do they want? What will happen next?


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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