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Sing me that old Demon Mountain Oooze

What I heard and saw in Zobeck


It’s not every night that a minstrel loving scribe can leave The Wheatsheaf Tavern with a smile on his face but two weeks ago, that is exactly what I did after hearing the sweet melodic voices and winds of the new band started up by Arcael and his fellow renegade from Schmidt Happens, Mr Golden Fingers himself, Truman Click.

Arcael and The Oooze won over the audience with their folk punk trip hop repertoire that not only kept the feet tapping and kobold ears fluttering, but also kept Carla Siccone‘s beer pumps pumping as well. The rasping metallic voice of Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall) is unlike anything I have ever heard before but seems to complement Arcael’s dulcet tones perfectly; much in the same way as Bartiman Greenbough‘s carnyx harmonises pefectly with Truman Click’s sonorific flute playing. Add to this the gentle swaying dance of Goran that lifts the mood of the audience and gets them moving in time, and we have one of those great evenings to remember.

I will certainly be keeping an eye out for this band and hope it is a herald of great things to come in the thriving music world of Lower Zobeck.

Amon Duul Nederlande


Huzzah for a good band review!


Now, where can I find a sample


Hey Kiralon, you may have to delve deep into the Cartways near the Kobold Ghetto of Lower Zobeck to find what you need to hear…..


FOLK PINK TRIP HOP. Now that is a music genre I have not heard of. When does their next album drop? I, along with Kiralon, would LOVE to hear this.


Lurch, they have been so busy adventuring I really don’t think they have spent enough time in the studio….


That is so badass!!!!!


Yup! Them kobold ears are a-fluttering!

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