Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Saturday Night's Alright (for Singing)


It was a cool winter’s day in Siwal and Arcael Rennaus was alone in one of the fine chambers belonging to his mentor, Emir Beg Khan of the Qamari, practising his sorcery, when he was interrupted by one of the Emir’s servants:
“There’s someone famous to see you, Sir. He awaits you in the parlour.”
Arcael gathered his sorcerous things together and followed the servant to the room to find a young man in splendid dress – a man he knew: “Ah, Peter my friend…” and he extended his hand in greeting towards Peter Lafayette, most famous singer in all of Siwal.
“Arcael. I thought it best I come myself to tell you the news: The Puddings are on tour! We leave the day after tomorow for Per-Kush and will be doing all the major towns – Per-Kush, Per-Bastet, Corremel, Laksor, and ending in a Royal Concert in Nuria Natal at the halls of King Thutmoses the 23rd himself!”
“That’s wonderful news, Peter,” Arcael exclaimed, hiding his disdain for the young man for the sake of the Emir’s servants, who were trying not to show their excitement of being in the presence of the shining star of Siwal.
“But we have a problem,” continued Peter, “and I was hoping you could help us out…..”.
“Go on…” Arcael replied.
“Well, we had the Yuletide Festival booked at The Lingering Odour and we can no longer meet this commitment. But I have spoken to Sheila and she will be happy for The Oooze to take our spot. What do you say? It’s a door deal and it’s the busiest night of them all. Last year we got almost 1,000 GP from Door Takings alone. So what do you say?”
Arcael thought for a moment. He’d heard Bartiman had returned from his journey south and he himself had just about perfected his latest charge. The group hadn’t yet replaced Iron Wall. Yes, it was time they started practising again:
“Why of course, we’ll take it. Tell Sheila Zweels that Arcael and The Oooze will be there! Now, will you have some tea?”
“Sorry,” replied the other singer, “I must run. So many fans to see before we leave. I’ll tell Sheila though! And good luck! We’ll send you a postcard!”

And with a smooth and graceful twirl, Peter Lafayette of Peter and the Puddings left the residence of the Emir.


And Arcael unknotted the clasped fists that where behind his back.

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