Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Saturday Night's Alright

Continuing exploits in the Triolan Quarter


It was Friday afternoon by the time TEENAGE RAMPAGE were able to investigate the warehouse storing Gangwulf’s mum’s precious vase, and it was on a street so busy that daytime retrieval would be impossible. The group would have to come back at night. Even then, it was busy. A group of Kobaldi ruffians sauntered by, exchanging nothing but glances and whispered words of derision. During this exchange, they saw someone leave the room and lock the door, but he moved quickly into the darkness before anyone could follow him. However, when two Dragonkin Guards stopped the group, they effectively ended the heist by escourting the group to The Black Nurian. Here, Jack of Badside Row confirmed his Sunday date with barmaid Millie and Gangwulf had a long chat with Bianca, Cleric of BAAL, it would seem. She agreed to look into the warehouse to see if she could find out anything, and asked the group to meet her again on Saturday night.

Saturday night was their big meeting with Krispy Dacon at The Cockle and Clam. Squeek Squaker’s Kobaldi contact told them he knew the whereabouts of a hidden ancient treasure, with a massive award of 10 000 GP. It sounded dangerous, but hey, …. 10 000 GP! Krispy gave the group a 100 GP advance and also agreed to look into the matter of the stolen vase for 500 GP (to be taken off the reward). On their way to meet Bianca that night, the group passed by the Warehouse again. Sni Ve-Lor had already determined earlier that the lock could not be picked by him, so Spinwind used his SHIFT ability to look inside, but was too scared to remain visible and so found out nothing.

On their way to The Black Nurian, the party were apprehended by a group of dragonkin youths from Squeek’s past. Danny Squasha, Carl Squeeza, and four of the Crusha brothers waylaid the group with derisory comments before bursting out aggressively with a SLEEP spell. Luckily, only two of the group succumbed. There was a bit of a scuffle, and a couple of other spells were cast, but the Crusha brothers seemed loathe to use their greatswords, and when Squeek managed to hit Danny with a FEAR spell, the whole gang ran after him into the dark.

At The Black Nurian, Bianca told them she had not been able to find out anything about the warehouse, but when they got back to Gangwulf’s parents’ house, they found one of Dacon’s cronies waiting outside with the vase. Squeek tipped the man and they went inside to prepare. At first, they had decided on a Sunday night exploit, but when Jack remembered his planned date with Millie on Sunday, the party all agreed: THEY WOULD ADVENTURE TONIGHT!


10000 Gold is a lot of gold! Good luck!

Saturday Night's Alright
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