Campaign of the Month: May 2016


"Sail to me, Let me enfold you."


In his great hall of eternal darkness, ANU-AKMA sits resplendent in gold and sapphires as he accepts new entrants to his halls. One of the servants brought forth is from the North, his soul ripped from its half machine body in an occulted library of Thoth.
“Send that soul to the Plane of Gears. And what of its companions?” the King of Jackals asked of the scribe to his right.
“One other entered the waiting room, my Lord, but he was recalled. The rest of his party have moved to the Garden City of Siwal.”
“Let me see…” and the God of The Underworld bent over to look into the scribe’s holy book, The Preservation and Migration of Souls.

There, in that book, that is an account of all living beings, ANU-AKMA, Purifier of Souls, glimpsed a slice of mortal life with his divine eye.

He saw two great scholars learning – one arcane, one divine. He saw a combatant of the Green Walker travelling to the jungles of the Kush, and he also saw a dark shadow searching for deeper darkness. “Lend that one a hand!” and he pointed to one in Fae Armor.

ANU-AKMA sat straight in his chair again and looked down the line of new souls stretching endlessly from the long entrance corridor. “Next!”


Now that is foreboding…. Never trust the King of Jackals.

"Sail to me, Let me enfold you."

Perceptive indeed young Victor.

"Sail to me, Let me enfold you."
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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