Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Radu has a barrow in the market place...


When a group of representatives from The Cloven Nine suggest you should go home and enjoy the evening, it is always something to think about, and when Captain Hendryk calls you over for a chat, it is not something that the sensible minstrel would normally refuse.

As it turns out, Hendryk seems pretty helpful, filling The Enigmatics in on some of the subtleties of Grigori’s recent work and even suggesting a place to find a clue to the whereabouts of Greymark’s tiefling daughter, Ilyana. Trouble is, that clue lies in The Cartways. Now some good citizens of Zobeck might tell you The Cartways doesn’t exist, but those that’re in the know will tell of a dark, depraved place run by DARAKHUL and Slave Traders, in dark dungeons under the city. Hendryk is one of the latter, and even gives the players a map.

Outside the gates to the place, Lord Flasheart stands up for a victimized kobold, unfortunate enough to bump into a group of angry DUERGAR. The Deep Dwarves turn on the noble paladin, who knocks his assailant out flat. The Ranger, Anastrianna is less subtle, carving flesh like a butcher, while the Cartways guards look on bemused. With three dwarves felled, two others disappear and after forcing the merry minstrels to “mop up”, the guards even let the them into the gate unhindered. Yander moves first in “sneak mode”, followed by the paladin, the ranger, Arcael, Arca Domina and Truman Click.

Arcael finds out where to find their contact, Radu Underhill, a rather good looking ghoul with a plan. He tells the group where they can find Ilyana and offers them a way to escape the deadly intentions of both The Spyglass Guild and The Cloven Nine: Get the Book of Dark Confessions from the tiefling and arrange a meeting with both groups at Hommnal’s Botannical Roof Garden tomorrow night at midnight. Radu gets to “speak with” Lady Marack of The Blue House, and the adventurers get away with their lives….or so the plan goes! And to sweeten the deal, a strong healing potion each, personally delivered by the clawed hand of the DARAKHUL.

But what is this commotion on leaving THE CARTWAYS? Only a wild BARGHEST with eyes for our raving minstrels alone. Down goes Flasheart. Down goes Arca. “Bang” goes Yander’s plan to jump on top of the creature. Hard to see and hard to hit, the creature weaves in and out of the players, chomping and clawing. It tries to take Anastrianna alone but she resists the magic, and with a little help from some enthusiastic kobold crossbowmen and some serious FORCE magic tossed in by Arcael, the party finally defeat the beast and head back to their apartment, resting well, and ready to meet with Ilyana the very next day at the luxurious OLD STROSS PUBLIC BATHHOUSE.

Towels only, chaps and chappesses! No weapons allowed in the baths!


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