Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Ouroborous Stirs!

Golden City Devastated by Killer Quake!


The imperial city of Harkesh came to a standstill yesterday as mayhem erupted in an earthquake of epic proportions, damaging many parts of the city and leaving large sectors of the population dead or injured.

The catastrophe happened around 7pm yesterday evening, ripping large cracks in the ground, destroying many imperial buildings and causing death and misery throughout large areas of our beautiful metropolis. It is thought that most castes, from Akinji downwards, have taken heavy casualties, although thankfully, the largest number of deaths have been among the Jambuka, whose soft skins do not offer much protection against falling buildings.

At least 3,000 citizens have been killed, with over 2,000 of these being Jambuka. Thankfully, no Morza or Urmanli have suffered greatly, although the wing of one of the great Harbour Dragons was damaged by flying debris.

Amazingly, the Imperial Palace of the Eight Elements was left unscathed, and Dread Sultan Ozmir al-Stragul was untouched. “No force of Nature will disrupt our war effort”, he decreed.

To add misery to mayhem, the earthquake also opened the way to an attack of monsters from the Uunderdark. At least five Crimson Worms have been reported, but all of these have been dealt with by our illustrious forces. Other creatures may have come up to the surface and the public are being warned to stay away from any creatures they are unfamiliar with, and to report these immediately to the Authorities.

Deep Dragon Contsable, Temnyy Rystar, says he is patrolling the city and identifying and destroying these entities as he finds them. He says he is in consultation with the Most Glorious Satarah al-Beldestani who has already promised a squadron of her giant guards to help rebuild the city.


Arcael smiled as he overlooked the death and destruction he had done nothing to stop, as well as slaves this great empire has another weakness, attack from the very earth below. All from a simple earthquake.

The words of the Dread Sultan still bore reflecting upon however, “No force of NATURE will disrupt…” And what of an UNNATURAL one?

In the words of the old summoner’s tongue he said to himself, “That too can be arranged Dread Sultan, oh that too…”

Ouroborous Stirs!

The Rennaus plots and schemes go ever on!

Ouroborous Stirs!

I truly don’t trust this event- ominous portents!

Ouroborous Stirs!
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