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More Tales from the Empire

The Kangaroo Court


All newcomers of lower ranks who arrive in the City of Harkesh have to live in the New Foreigners’ Ghetto until their paperwork is sorted out. There is no specific time scale for this but officials are notoriously slow and there are such a list of demeanours specific to life in this ghetto that in many cases, delays are inevitable. Delays are usually set and extended by the kangaroo court of Delilah Ali.

This is a court specific to the New Foreigners’ Ghetto and specifically geared towards misdemeanours occurring within that place. Quasi-statutory infringements include:
Being late, Appearing to be late, Disrespecting a superior, Complaining, Appearing to be preparing to complain, Talking Utter Hogwash, Losing a Day Pass, Loitering, Disobedience, Not having a Day Pass, Destroying a Day Pass, Backchat, Fighting, Arguing, Unsavoury Whistling, Bad Singing, Reading Poetry in Public, Being Impatient, Climbing the Wall, Crossing the Boundary after Dark, Being Outside the Ghetto without a Day Pass, Abuse of a Day Pass, and other such misdemeanours.

There is a large building of holding cells near the gate of the ghetto, where those found guilty are imprisoned after sentencing. All sentencing is carried out by the chief official, Her Royal Magistrate Deilah Ali and sentences usually amount to extra time spent in prison, tedious labour, counting rice grains, and, in some cases, lashes; although this is usually avoided, as the primary function of the kangaroo court is to waste time and irritate people, to soften up foreigners before processing them into the system, but not to harm those who may later turn out to be important members of the trading society.

The court is generally more lenient towards Kobaldi and Sekban and harsher towards Jambuka. Edjet and higher ranks are not forced to stay in this Ghetto and any such newcomers will have their papers processed immediately.

The court is well served by a large number of well-armed and particularly surly dragonkin guards, and Delilah Ali’s personal Prismatic Drake companion, Eros Verbrinski makes sure that all court decisions are enforced.


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