Campaign of the Month: May 2016



You taunt me, you tease me, Mama!


Gangwulf, Jack of Badside Row, Sni Ve-Lor, Spinwind and Squeek Squaker continue through the dark corridors of the ancient tomb deep in the Cold Cellars under the Scriptorium of Thoth Hermes. Jack tries to bust down a door but his failure of strength gives way to the ingenuity of Sni Ve-lor’s tools, as he wears down the hinges so that the door is easily pushed onto the floor. Inside this room is a rostrum with the carved words “LIBER VITAE”. Nothing else but a small gold ornament is found here

In the next passage, Sni Ve-lor finds a few pellets that Spinwind is able to determine are in fact Giant Rat droppings. The rats attack the party in the Throne Room. After they are all despatched, only Sni Ve-lor seems to have contracted a diseased bite. Let’s hope Gangwulf can attend to this sometime in the next few days! Squeek sits on the throne and finds an indentation in the right arm that seems the perfect size for Spinwind’s Shakti token. A clever insertion seems to open the iron door at the end of the room. The new passageway is magically lit.

At the end of this passage is another locked door that, thankfully, Sni Ve-lor is able to open, revealing a room with a Sarcophagus and six earthenware jars, full of “goodies”. After careful inspection, Sni Ve-lor just can’t help himself when he discovers an ornate mace. On touching this, the sarcophagus erupts and the Venomous Mummy of Ilsamere springs to life.

Several of the party are “downed” by the Mummy’s powerful slams, as it attacks every party member, but Gangwulf keeps the adventurers alive while Jack leads the attack with his powerful sword swings, twice succumbing to the creature’s poisonous ejecta, that spray on him with every successful hit.

However, perseverance and TEENAGE RAMPAGE win the day and the Mummy is finally destroyed. In one of the earthenware jars, the group find a clue to a secret door in the room with the rostrum, and are able to open it to discover the scroll they were looking for – “…of the use of Dragon Eggs in the preparation of Terrible Extension”. Krispy Dacon WILL be happy indeed….and so will the party, with their 10 000 GP reward!


Congratulations Teenage Rampage! Mummy vanquished, lots of gold to spend, and I hope songs to be sung!!


They did REALLY WELL as First Level characters to vanquish that Mummy!


We are a party built around supporting a high armour class fighter, the mummy was a bit weaker also. Some really good character based humour too and I got to use a surprising amount of heal skill roles!

twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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