Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Jailhouse Rock


With Saabu Theet still learning the spells to HEAL Goran, Arcael decided there was no time to waste. Karn Gudin barely had time to prepare a True Strike before Arcael had teleported himself, her and Xavier into the local cell, where Goran’s accomplices were being interrogated. THEY HAD TO GET THEM OUT BEFORE THEY REVEALED GORAN’S IDENTITY!


Inside the room were two bound prisoners being guarded by five armed dragonkin soliders, and being interrogated by a cruel dragonkin Cleric of AZURAN. Karn was first to plunge a spell-charged halberd into the nearerst guard, using her prepared True Strike ability. A great wound was inflicted, but another guard moved to flank the Dragon Disciple and she sustained considerable damage.

In a flash, the Cleric identified Arcael as the spell user and cast Dimensional Anchor on him, to prevent him leaving. Two guards moved to protect their cleric but Xavier “POUNCED” through them, taking massive damage from their attacks of opportunity, but annihilating the cleric in a single round.


As Karn destroyed two guards and freed one prisoner, Xavier summarily executed the other three guards, while Arcael Dispelled the Dimensional Anchor spell cast on him. They could all now hear footsteps and voices from the other side of the door, but before it opened, Arcael cast Teleport and they escaped with their prisoners without being seen by any other enemies.

Mission accomplished!


Nice pounce Xavier!

Jailhouse Rock
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