Campaign of the Month: May 2016


It's True!

The continuing search for Kamal Assante


After an attack by a group of rogues operating under the name of Free Jambuk, Arcael and Goran managed to establish that the opportunists had heard about them through candle drake spies at The Black Nurian. After answering questions in return for his freedom, aparently, their captive, Nipper O’Neil took his own life to avoid the shame. Saabu Theet nodded. “Must have been a very proud thief,” he thought.

Just then, Truman Click arrived at the scene with the news that the Crimson Worm was in danger of destroying their house and all their gems. [From outside the world, a guy called Graeme spotted a giant plot hook.] Arcael Dimension Doored into the house to save the treasure, while Xavier strode right up to the worm without a fear, being chomped and swallowed whole, and almost dying. [Jeez, that guy can survive almost anything.] Karn Gudin flew into the air to deliver potent acid attacks. Soon, the sorcerer Captain Boris Yeltsin and eight Edjet lieutenants arrived to aid with fireballs, acid and crossbows. The worm was destroyed and the house was saved.

The scroll dealing neighbours, grateful that their house had not been destroyed, gave Saabu Theet some very rare green parchment. He recognised its worth. [Possibly, another plot hook was spotted!} Then, off to the meeting with Shylock. He seemed affable, and gave The Oooze a good descriptioin of Kamal Assante, but like most others they had met, did not seem to know where he was.

Back at The Black Nurian, they engaged with Mustapha Ibrahim while Goran secretly ransacked his room for information. Outside of their world, a guy called Gordon rolled a DOUBLE ZERO on percentile dice!] By the good fortune granted to him by SARASTRA, Goran discovered some highly secret documents, alluding to the fact that Ibrahim was a secret agent of The Emerald Order. Time for a very frank chat….

After discussing the issue with Mustapha, the group learned that Assante already had the scrolls and was waiting for a ship to take him to Nuria Natal. The Oooze decided to visit a corrupt harbour master late at night to try and find out records of when the next ship to Nuria Natal was due to sail…..


Double zeroes, plot hooks spotted, and giant worms! Sounds like an epic night!
Congrats Xavier on surviving yet again!

It's True!

Go Xavier!

It's True!
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