Campaign of the Month: May 2016


"I'm Leaving on an Airplane"

Musings of an Arcanist


Tranmus the Tall watched out of his stained lead window in the Black Tower of the Arcane Collegium as the great dwarven airship floated over the belching smoke of Silphuress ’s chimneys and wobbled through the ash filled air currents to cross over the dock district on its way to the mooring point near the Citadel.

Once again, another Dwarven vessel had made its way from Templeforge to stop at Zobeck before continuing south over the Magdar Kingdoms, crossing the Middle Sea and venturing into the hot dry lands of Nuria Natal. Usually Tranmus would not know the destination of such airships but on this occasion he knew quite well that it was booked to arrive in the desert city of Siwal, after a short stop in the ancient city of Nuria Natal itself.

No doubt the visting Nurian Trade Amabassador of Siwal would be stopping in to pay homage to King Thutmoses the 23rd, High Priest of Aten and King of all Nuria but some of his entourage would be travelling on to The Garden City of Siwal and, with them, his very own student and scholar, Arcael and his band of ragamuffins that called themselves The Oooze.

Tranmus reflected on this and wondered how they would fare. He had been keeping a close eye on the son of his old friend, Baron Tigo Rennaus of Bemmea but now they would be far away from his influence. Naturally, he would care for Lyla while the sorcerer was gone, and of course, Alexei Splitleaf of Allain , their sponsor, would keep their lodgings in good care, but how would this band of bardic ragamuffins REALLY fare he wondered. Oh, he wondered…..


Ragamuffins!! Twice he called them ragamuffins! Such insults!

"I'm Leaving on an Airplane"

They love it, them ragamuffins! There, that’s thrice now!

"I'm Leaving on an Airplane"
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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