Campaign of the Month: May 2016


If you go down to the woods today...


Bartiman Greenbough had an uncannily urgent feeling in his old BEAR SHAMAN bones that time was running out. Deep in The Old Margreve in THE BELLY OF THE BEAST an anthro-lupine battle was about to take place that could see a tragic turn of events for generations to come. It all centered around the young girl Czerwonya Kohler and a fearsome forest entity called The Would-Be-King-of-the-Wolves.

Hurrying through the forest path, Bartiman and Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall) cleaved their way through a hungry SAP DEMON and scraped past a few spikey CHILDREN OF THE BRIAR before coming to a clearing with a small pile of twigs in its centre. Goran moved forward to investigate, eliciting a hail of crossbow bolts from the VARGAMORS hiding in the clearing’s edge and led by the death defying Brother Borislav who had escaped them the night before at the Witch’s Teat Inn. With Balgor and Iron Wall both close to death, Arcael unleashed fire on his emenies but was immediately discouraged from such action by two GREEN HUSSARS who sprang into life and escourted him throughout the encounter.

The Caelmaran Sorcerer, Arcael, changed tactics and boosted a forest newcomer, the full-plated warrior, Elladan, to massive size, dealing powerful damage to the werewolf Borislav, who fought like a wild animal, inflicting Goran, Balgor and Bartiman with certain LYCANTHROPY before finally being brought to his bitterest end.

Running onward, the minstrels came to a tree with a large hut held in its branches. From up above, they heard the sound of the young Czerwonya as she exclaimed in wonder: “What large eyes you have, Grandma Babushka!” Climbing up the tree was not the easiest thing. Truman Click fell on his first attempt and Bartiman failed more than once, but eventually all ascended and came face to face with the Would-be-King-of-the-Wolves.

Casting spells at them, the lupine horror kept the fighting at bay for some time. Some opponents were put to sleep, some were blinded, one was even forced down to the bottom of the tree to “stand guard” but in the end it was the mighty felling stroke of the newcomer, Elladan, who stole the thunder of Bartiman, poised as he was to throw the silver axe, WOLF KILLER. In a metallic crack of bone splintering power, the wolf fell under the sword stroke of the heavily armed fighter and the supremacy of man over wolf was confirmed.

The death of the wolf split open its belly and Grandma Babushka erupted from the stomach, a little dazed, but thankfully still alive and well. “We creatures of the forest shall reward you ere you leave the Margreve”, she vowed.

With the girl safe and the forest calm, the adventurers headed on to the EYES OF THE FOREST INN, where they met the artist, Woody Banks and made the purchase of exotic woodland art commissioned by their sponsor, Alexei Splitleaf of Allain. Their night of rest at the Inn was the best rest they had had in over a week, and they all looked forward to the tales they would tell their fans when they returned to The Wheatsheaf Inn in LOWER ZOBECK.


I really like the fairy tale tie in on this, was a refreshing take on things. I have tried to do similar in some of my past games, and it looks like this one panned out really well. Hope to see you all back again in the future!


Thanks, Alex! Hopefully, it was also appreciated by the participants…..


OK, from Music references to fairy tales, Way to keep it interesting. I also appreciated the method of the tale telling. Of course your version brings the tale BACK to the true darkness of the originals, as they are supposed to be. Very true Grimm-like.

Can’t wait for the next installment.


Thanks, Lurch. Probably October before the next one.


Are Goran, Balgor and Bartiman cured? Great tale!


Not cured yet, (or ever?) There is a certain allure of the moon.




Hey twigs,

A test comment on an older adventure log.


Thanks Carl,

Got it! Yippee!



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