Campaign of the Month: May 2016


"I see a Blood Moon rising...."


After a comfortable (and safe) airship journey from the North of Midgard over the MIDDLE SEA to Nuria Natal, Arcael and The Oooze stopped off in the city for a spot of discount shopping. Next day the sales were over and another two day airship journey led them to The Garden City of Siwal where the adventurers met up with Jim Al-Khalili, settled into their quarters and went out for an afternoon stroll to visit the Library Temple of Thoth-Hermes, while Goran availed himself of the dubious pleasures offered in Ragged Tooth Ralph’s bar, Ye Olde Darakhul.

On the way to the temple, through the GRAND SOUK, a scream was heard and investigation discovered two damsels in distress. Guys in Red Cloaks! Shucks! One ran away, carrying a damsel; but the other, bent over his intended victim, met with the fist of Bartiman Greenbough (or was it a Pauliel Quarterstaff?). In any case, the opponent’s award was death, especially after a particularly vicious magic attack by Arcael. Running into a spice shop, Saabu Theet could detect a strange smell but could not follow a trail.

Soon the town guard had arrived and after a few questions, the party made their way to the TEMPLE, meeting with Steward Librarian, Cassandra Per-Aten, before returning home to an invitation to the palace by none other than Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun himself. Thanking the group with small bags of 100 GP per person, he showed them the GHOUL they had killed and there was some talk of a religious cult and a so called ”Fountain of Blood”. With a courtesan still missing, The Grand Vizier offered 1,000 GP per person to help discover the secret – but they needed a live ghoul!

It was a great plan, visiting the Market Shop where the girl had disappeared. It seemed the shopkeeper was “IN CAHOOTS” and was also a ghoul. After his attack on the party failed, he succumbed to the thorough beating he deserved, and in the end, Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall) stepped in with his axe and went: DOOSH!”, thus smashing any hope of a live ghoul to spill the beans. Never fear, there’s always the Pauper’s Field near to the Grand Necropolis….


Cool, Arcael and the Ooze finally have a chance to earn some real coin!
“Doosh” should be their next song…

"I see a Blood Moon rising...."

LOL! A good name for a song! I hadn’t even ventured there…..

"I see a Blood Moon rising...."

Word of advice:

…never trust a vizier! Its one of those innately traitorous positions of authority.

"I see a Blood Moon rising...."

LOL! We shall see….

"I see a Blood Moon rising...."

It helps that we trust no-one. Hell, we barely trust each other :P

"I see a Blood Moon rising...."
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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