Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Home sweet home.

Written by Stigandr


Arcael had shown each of the new band members the rooms of the house. Truman Click had removed the personal effects of the previous occupants and even Arcael had found this surprisingly moving, little expressions of self contained in a personal space. Arcael had asked Truman to store these in a secure space, keepsakes possibly.

Old Ben Gone had the room nearest the kitchen and had surprising trouble coming to terms with the concept of ‘bed’, wanting to sleep under it. He also had some difficulty with the value of money and Arcael had had to stop several shop-keepers for taking advantage of this. He was however exceptionally popular with the cheesemongers and a chance encounter one Simon Taylor, compatriot of his old comrade Lord Flasheart revealed them to be kindred ‘complimentary’ spirits of sorts – cheese and wine if you like. He would adapt quickly.

Taurus took the other ground floor room, not trusting the stairs to hold his massive weight, several local children began daring each other to knock on the window and ran away screaming when the massive bull’s head appeared. The bull appeared to be quite good natured about this but then his laugh and his bellowing were most times indistinguishable (as was his ‘music’…)

Incendarius’s first floor room was usually locked but the sound of prayer and the smell of phosphors or burnt hair occasionally permeated into the hall. Arcael was fairly sure that he was responsible enough not to burn the house down.

Brandon Kane had homed in on Yander’s old room, he even did exactly the same thing when first examining the room, looking out of the first floor window and gauging it as an escape route. Kindred spirits definitely.

This left two rooms empty, Spikey Jonze’s space in the attic and the other second floor room. Arcael would enjoy the relative quiet of not sharing a floor, he would update his journal and write some new compositions based upon his adventures. But tonight he would catch up with the delightful company of Pai and gift her the star-brooch he had received on his adventures, it would suit her beauty.

And the kobold? Well we would need another cleaner (especially with the Minotaur and Old-Ben in the house). It would be difficult to find a kobold of the loyalty of Spikey however… Best sleep on it and discuss it with his new comrades in the morning.

As Arcael tried to settle down for the night and could hear the dull rasp of a minotaur snorting in his sleep even through two floors as well as the people of the streets below. It was good to be home but he found himself unable to completely settle for he knew the wander-lust to adventure was already rising within him.


If any of you are unhappy with any of the above, I’m happy to amend.


Home sweet home.

Now that is what I call inspiring! It is so refreshing to read a log from a player’s perspective. Bravo, Stigandr! I particularly liked Old Ben Gone’s coming to terms with the concept of “bed”.

Home sweet home.

“The bull appeared to be quite good natured about this but then his laugh and his bellowing were most times indistinguishable (as was his ‘music’…)”
Awesome line. Well done log!

Home sweet home.

It’s always great to read comments from anyone outside of the game. I agree with the commendation of the phrase and thank you for your comments, killervp!


Home sweet home.

We should probably add that all this “HOMECOMING” was after a gruelling but ultimately victorious adventure in which SCHMIDT HAPPENS found a Bridle of The Leviathan, made a deal with the King and Queen of The Citadel of A Milliion Stars and returned to Midgard, handing over the BOOK OF VAEL TUROG to SHIMEZ ROTHGAZZI, securing a comfortable Airship Trip home, getting a good price for the MAGICAL BRIDLE and having an OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE at the WHEATSHEAF TAVERN before securing further work in a trip to THE OLD MARGREVE to collect some Magical Honey!

Home sweet home.
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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