Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Five Gears

"Pushing through the market square..."


After a slow morning with fresh bread baked by Mandla and a letter and reward sent by Kobaldi Kirby for the rescuing of his daughter’s Tiara, TEENAGE RAMPAGE set out for the Triolan Market Square to experience the much anticipated FIVE KOBOLD DEBATE.

After hearing several edfying speeches about the major Draconic religions of the Mharoti Empire, a public vote was held and Izmos Steelcoat declared the winner for his eloquent religious assessment of the tenets of Azuran of the West Wind.

Thereafter, much rejoicing was held in the square; and when Squeek Squaker, Jack of Badside Row, Sni Ve-Lor and Gangwulf went home for dinner, they met up with Spinwind, who suggested they go out for a few “JARS” at The Black Nurian. They passed a couple of suspicious kobolds en route, and returning back the same way later that evening, were alarmed when two bolts zipped out of the darkness, severely wounding poor Spinwind!

Combat Starts Next Week!


Poor Spinwind!

Five Gears

Someone has to take the hit!

Five Gears

Always go for the mage! Hang on… I’m the cleric…

Five Gears

…and it is always an easier hit when the character is being played by someone else.

Five Gears
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