Campaign of the Month: May 2016



The secretive promotion of Truman Click


Truman Click had been a faithful friend of Arcael since the early days, in a time even before the others. Oh, how he remembered those first practice sessions with Arcael’s first band, “Schmidt Happens”. Since that time, he had travelled much, and had fought in the Canton Wars of Templeforge and Hammerfell; but always he had served his Goddess RAVA proudly.

Now, as he received his Orcale promotion in the presence of visiting priestess Alltick Linn, and the ever present, Mungo al-Gonga, his pride swelled once again, even though his symbols were decorated in the shapes of AZURAN OF THE NORTHERN WIND. It had taken him a few years to get used to that, but now, the vile utterances of the Dragon God were almost second nature to him.

His new Mystery spell was “Breath of Life”, but for his chosen spell, he neglected “Raise Dead”, feeling that his comrade, Saabu Theet really had that scope covered. Instead, he chose “Life Bubble” – a useful group spell, he thought, although deep down he knew that his times with the group would be limited. Someone had to maintain a presence at the market place.

At the end of the ceremony, Truman Click took out his flute and played. Some say it was the sweetest sound ever heard in the Scriptorium of Thoth-Hermes.


I remember Schmidt Happens! Glad to see you all back, and congrats to Truman on his promotion!


Big metallic Truman kiss to KVP!

twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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