Campaign of the Month: May 2016



For Saabu Theet, almost no pleasure could equal his days spent with Cassandra Per-Aten researching in the Temple Library of Thoth-Hermes. Sometimes they would ponder over bibliographic wonders together, sometimes they would study apart, meeting only for a light mint tea in the library gardens. Sometimes Saabu would conduct spell research in the antechambers, and sometimes he would do this in the library itself.

On one such day, alone, in an underground vault in the library, while Saabu was experimenting with Moonlight Magic, a very strange thing happened. One of the books in a shelf nearby his spellworkings lit up like a beacon and flew out of its shelf, lying open on the ground beside him. Saabu picked it up and delved into deeper research in that very chamber using moonlight that was not of the moon.

An ancient book it was, describing days of the dark desert, when gods fought with each other for dominion over the sands. Reading a chapter called The Serpent and the Elephant, Saabu learned of an ancient battle between the God Aposis, Dragon of the Apocalypse, and the God Maraut, the Elephant God – a battle of great sorcery and power, ending with the entombment of Maraut and the gradual destruction of his once thriving desert cult.

Saabu read for many hours of the horrors inflicted upon the local people by these two dark gods. He learned of the sorrows that created oases in the dry desert from the tears of the world itself. And one other thing: A prophesy made by a devout Priest of Maraut, that one day the Elephant God shall rise again! As he read this, Saabu received one of his Divine Inspirations from Thoth-Hermes himself: “Save the Gravebinder’s Daughter and ye shall know the TRUTH!”

After receiving the Divine Message, Saabu found that he was sharing mint tea with Cassandra in the Temple Garden. She knew nothing of the book, and he did not have it. Nor did he ever find it again.


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