Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Dock of The Bay

Bribery and Horror in the Port of Harkesh


The group visit corrupt Night Harbour Master Ransitt Fishwater and pay 1,000 GP in bribe money, and a further 1,150 GP to book tickets on the next ship out to Nuria Natal. Arcael bravely investigates a magical stone on his own to find a monster waiting in disguise. Within seconds, mayhem erupts as Karn Gudin is paralysed and Saabu Theet, Goran and Arcael all start running in panicked terror, dropping daggers, staff and cocoa cup. Xavier, who is unaffected, tries to attack the invisible horror, but finds his weapons flailing without contact in the cool night air.

Saabu Theet uses his granted power of AVOID ANY SITUATION to return to his friends. Xavier picks up the dropped staff and daggers, leaving the smashed cocoa cup behind, and together they all Teleport to safety. Goran and Arcael remain invisible as they run through the town, and eventually all make it back to the house in the Triolan Quarter.

Business goes on, as the group try to locate the whereabouts of Kamal Assante, firstly with Xavier intervening on behalf of Ropemaster, Geddy Lee to apprehend a thief and have him “taken in” by the City Guard, and then with Karn Gudin entering a a sleazily seductive situation to ellicit more information from Ransitt’s brother, Tinky Fishwater during an uncomfortable “bedtime cocoa” episode with Tinky, that Xavier is trying hard to forget, but nonetheless ended up costing 500 GP in favour of a lady’s honour.

At the Guesthouse of Mahershala Ali, the group meet Olive Oil, a trader from Reth-Saal, and old seadog, Peter Popeye. They also meet the housekeeper, Mr Swing and find a secret door. Goran, who is skulking invisibly around the house, decides not to enter the secret door and instead the group retreat to plan a night time return, just one night before the ship for Nuria Natal is about to sail.


Keredices the Kobold heard the mutterings of the scaleless priests in the ghetto, they talked of “Burning the ‘God-Killers’”.

“‘God-Killer’… A good name for my new hot-sauce!”, he mused.

Dock of The Bay


Dock of The Bay

Take my daggers and staff- but never touch my cocoa!
Loving the names- Geddy Lee, Popeye, Olive Oil, etc…

Dock of The Bay

Geddy Lee worked very well. Gordon aka stigandr aka Arcael is a big Rush fan. I was more than happy to offer him a recognisable name.

Dock of The Bay

The hot sauce reference was one player giving another player a chilli sauce by the name ‘God Killer’.

Dock of The Bay
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