Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Desert Deep, Monster High

Report of Captain Wadir to Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun of Siwal


As instructed, we followed, and on hearing the designated whistle, swept in like the wind with our cutlasses high. The two priests you gave us were very useful but alas, both were killed in the ensuing battle. Of what went on in the cave at that time, I cannot tell, but out in the desert, the ferocity of the ghouls was astounding and it was only with severe heavy losses, that we endured.

In the cave, the Northerners destroyed the evil wizard and when I arrived, were packing the evil device known as the Fountain of Blood into a large bag of holding. They had rescued all four remaining prisoners and I suggested they make way to the palace with haste.

As commanded, we stayed in the vicinity and, true to your prediction, some of the wandering ghouls returned and were quickly despatched to their dark underworld. Over a hundred and twenty I counted all told, and although I could not swear to all being destroyed, I am confident that the cult has been smashed.

A guard of ten loyal men will be stationed at the accursed oasis for a further two weeks and my men are now particularly vigilant towards those with overbearing perfumery in the city. All such citizens shall be challenged. And the Master Gravebinder has been asked to step up watch on the Necropolis.

The ten soldiers killed have been buried and their families reimbursed, and apologies have been sent to the Temple of Aten with enforced Sabbatical attendance ordered on all of my men for a full wax and wane of the moon.


Your men did well Captain, perhaps a plaque remembering their names?

Desert Deep, Monster High

The Garden City of Siwal remembers with pride those men that gave up their lives in the destruction of the Ghoulish Cult of The Blood Moon of Abd-Nezka:

Abdul Rahim
Ghali Hakim
Nadir Qatadah
Irfan Nazeem
Rihab Nidal
Tariq Waseem
Basil Faruq
Anwar Hazib
Imran Ansara
Jul Jubair

As well as the Acolytes of Aten: Jalal Al-Bara and Talib Amin!

Desert Deep, Monster High

We shall sing of them with honour.

Desert Deep, Monster High
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