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Dead Finks Don't Talk

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Arca Domina
Lord Flasheart
Jonni Helmsgard
Spikey Jonze

We remember and honour our dead…

I have set up a HALLS OF THE HONOURED DEAD page in the PC HORIZONS wiki – some epitaphs have already been entered. If you wish to impart any gems pertaining to the characters of those fallen (in or out of character), please make an entry in the comments section below, say who it pertains to and who it is uttered by, and I will add it to the HALLS.

Comments also welcome from any outsiders (by that I mean OP members outside of Mysteria – not DEMONS or ANGELS!).


Spikey stood agog.
The gigantic hall in which he found himself stretched off further than he could see. A feast was in full swing the like of which he had never seen. Each reveller seemed to have his own roast boar with a personal keg of ale to boot.
He turned around and saw the figure of Flasheart striding towards him.
“Took on a wraith single handed eh?”
Flasheart gave a conspiratorial wink
“That sort of thing goes down very well around here.”
Spikey shrugged modestly
Slapping the Kobold on the back and making him stumble slightly Flasheart continued.
“Glad you could make it, the others might be along later for a visit. I’ve gotten to know some of the Valkyries quite well since I’ve got here and the band has an open invite.”
A gigantic bowel loosening roar reverberated through the hall
Flashearts eyes lit up.
“C’mon Spikey it’s Dragon slaying time!”
“We need to work up an appetite for supper!”

Dead Finks Don't Talk

The HALLS become RICH with poetry AND prose!

Dead Finks Don't Talk
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