Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Blood on the rooftops....


Embroiled in a plot woven by cruel fate outside of their control, the ENIGMATICS will risk anything to clear their names and save their lives. With pressure mounting from the Spyglass Guild and in deadly danger from the Cloven Nine, the merry minstrels work with the troubled Ilyana Greymark on a plan hatched by Cartways ghoul Radu Underhill to bring both groups together at HOMMNAL’s BOTANNICAL ROOFTOP on offer of LADY MARACK’s Book of Dark Confessions.

Hiding in a shop left open for them, Yander and Arca Domina see a group of the SPYGLASS overcome by ghouls at the entrance to HOMMNAL’s establishment and follow four survivors up the stairs through the tenements to the rooftop. Brave Yander moves in to deal swift justice but is countered and marched at point of HEAVY CROSSBOW into the garden. Lord Flasheart does not hesitate to intervene and only the healing powers of Truman Click keep Yander and Flasheart on their feet. Arca Domina swiftly avoids the paralysing cane of the Guild sorcerer and flanks the biggest thug, while Anastrianna fires arrows and Arcael delivers wicked force spells.

Two guild members attempting to flee down the stairs are cursed by their gods and crack their heads on the hard brick and it seems like the danger is over until a tea sipping tiefling backed by four HEAVIES introduces the CLOVEN NINE contingent and accepts the Book of Dark Confessions from Arcael, flying off into the night but releasing the group from their CONTRACT and offering a unique opportunity for Lord Flasheart to sip tea and other stronger beverages with the HEAVIES while the others make their way past some hesitant ghouls and return to their hiding place at The Dented Shield Hotel.

Ilyana has gone but she has left a note of thanks and in the next few days Arca Domina learns from her trusty contact, Tovrin Darnel that the SPYGLASS GUILD are no longer concerned with them and that their leader, LADY MARACK, has been kidnapped by the ghouls.

Someone pays their month’s rent and leaves the minstrels with enough time to practice for their next paying gig – a night at the Wheatsheaf. Let’s hope Truman Click can improve on those bum notes he played last time.


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