Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Black Book

A Lich's Legacy


About 3500 years ago, in the glory days of Ankeshel, and long before the rise of Mharot, and the Dragon Empire; when Harkesh was but a small human trading town on the Mavressa Strait, the most powerful mage in the region was a five hundred year old lich named Shakti The Wise. Some rumours of him are still whispered in old nursery tales, but little else is known.

Recently, a tattered old remnant of a scroll was found deep in underground dungeons of the
Scriptorium of Thoth-Hermes, alluding to the final years of the corrupted mage. In trying to preserve his life even longer than he had already, he apparently used the arcane magick of dragon eggs to create a great spell of undeath longevity, the methods of which were recorded in his infamous Tome of Terrible Extension. But the Tome was lost, as was the lich’s tower, which burned down in flames, ending his dark reign. Or so the tale goes.

However, some believe that recent discvoveries allude to accounts of this Tome – that it was not lost, but saved, deep in dungeons under the crumbled tower. Just imagine the powerful knowledge that would exist in such a book!

Based on recent clues, an unknown benefactor has invested money into further research and information has come to Krispy Dacon of the possible whereabouts of this book, hidden in deep chambers under the very city in which you live. At a night of great partying in a private room at The Cockle and Clam, Krispy invites you to a secret meeting to offer the adventure of a life time. It will be dangerous, sure! But your benefactor has offered a whopping 10 000 GP for even a remnant of this book.

More to follow…


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