Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Beyond the Gate of Old Cyreen


In the courtyard beyond the Gate of Old Cyreen those whose families have lived in Siwal for many generations gather to drink coffee, smoke and discuss the politics of the day. Shaded by the grand dome trade and marriage are arranged, debts are settled, scandal and rumour are spread. Seating arrangements are established and based upon a system of old alliance, rivalry and vendetta, the veneer of respectable social intercourse however is a mask for there are those whose business and intentions are darker, they gather here to observe those entering the city.

For it is here that new arrivals gather, drink, wash, make plans and ablutions before entering the city proper. Thieves, pilgrims, merchants, guards and slayers for hire may or may not be of interest to those who may or may not have needs of their services. It is not unknown for example, for those deemed to be well armed or wealthy to be followed by a near riot of agents representing those in power as wells as beggars, traders, prostitutes and other chancers.

Tolot was observing the courtyard today from his tower, the gossip of the day related to a group of adventurers. Rumour said that they had been involved with Djinni mischief and a mismatched marriage as well as the destruction of a cult of ghouls, with a group of valiant guards they had smashed the cultists in open battle. Tolot had observed this group up close, they posed as bards but clearly they were not, he also knew that the ghouls had used a form of magic to disguise themselves as the living and that the vizier had paid the group handsomely for an unknown item. A drunken guard had spoken of a ‘fountain of blood’, and further research into this warned of a deadly curse. There were certainly those who would find word of this ‘fountain’ interesting…

Alas Tolot could not waste any more time contemplating gossip and profit for the crew of a newly arrived sand ship came into the courtyard, one of the officers would die tonight and Tolot was to confirm his arrival, if he had guards and where he was lodged. He must have offended someone in power for the job paid well, focussing on his crystal his head sagged over it and his eyes rolled back…


Very cool and very mysterious too!

Beyond the Gate of Old Cyreen
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