Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Band on The Run

Nightlife in the Triolan Quarter


After a visit to Ye Olde Salty Snail, a round of drinks sponsored by The Merchants of Venice turned out to be a nightmare inducing concoction where TEENAGE RAMPAGE heroes, Gangwulf, Squeek Squaker and Jack of Badside Row died in a dungeon of teeth-chattering goblins and woeful wights.

The following evening, during an adventure debrief at The Black Nurian, Jack flirted with Millie, and Gangwulf told of Sni Ve-Lor’s house imprisonment by his own parents. Together, the team hatched a plan to spring their friend – a plan interrupted by a group of gangster Kobaldi, and finally STOPPED by a street-roving duo of Harkesh Guards.

A second rescue attempt the following evening turned out to be more successful, with Squeek showing his prime sneaking skills by breaking into the house, creeping through the hallway, and springing the imprisoning lock on Sni Ve-lor’s bedroom door.

At a second visit to The Black Nurian, under the magical light of a flock of Candle Drakes, Gangwulf got a good deal on a Healing Kit at the night garden market, and the group discussed the absence of their good friend, Spinwind, who had sent a message detailing illness and fatigue, but assurances that he would meet them the following weekend in The Cockle and Clam with Krispy Dacon to discuss future work.

Jovial discussion was rudely interrupted by some old-school-bully acquaintances of Gangwulf’s when Triolan agitators Keith, Mick, Bill and Ron intervened in the conversation, hurling insults and drinks. Some quick punitive action by Sni Ve-lor and a classy uppercut by Jack knocked Keith out cold, even before Squeek arrived with a couple of bouncers.

With the fighting over in an instant, no further action was taken, and the group made their way home, ready to meet up next week to pursue further adventure!


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