Campaign of the Month: May 2016



A transference of information at the New Foreigner's Ghetto


Dragonkin Akinji Officer Rex Khan is an expert broker of information stationed in the harbour and responsible for the gathering of information pertaining to all new intakes. He always reports directly to Rosa Klebb at each new intake of applicants moving through the induction process of the New Foreigner’s Ghetto.

Rosa Klebb: The usual bunch of odious hopefuls, I suppose?
Rex Khan: I’ve recommended an enterprising kobold to bypass the Ghetto and be conscripted straight away onto one of the warships leaving for Kyprion today.
Rosa Klebb: Unorthodox.
Rex Khan: Do you doubt me?
Rosa Klebb: Never.
Rex Khan: Splinter’s the name. We need sailors like him for the war effort.
Rosa Klebb: Anything else?
Rex Khan: Keep an eye on a bunch of Jambuka that came in on The Nautilus with a returning Edjet trader. I’m told they are famous musicians from Zobeck, and yet they handled themselves a bit too well fighting a stowaway vampire, from what I hear. I’ll be getting a full report from Captain Gillsnapper later.
Rosa Klebb: What do you know of the returning Edjet?
Rex Khan: Not much. Triolan resident is all. Why don’t you detain her with the others for a while?
Rosa Klebb: Detain a returning Edjet? That is unorthodox!
Rex Khan: Some disciplinary issue should do the trick. In the meantime, I’ll set up someone in the Lizard League to investigate her history. Maybe nothing. But best just to check.
Rosa Klebb: Anything else.
Rex Khan: Not really. But I would also watch out for that gnome, Bingo.
Rosa Klebb: Pureblood?
Rex Khan: I think so.
Rosa Klebb: Don’t worry. I’ll have him “questioned severely”.
Rex Khan: Good Day, Ma’am!
Rosa Klebb: Good…. oh, he’s gone….


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