Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Are we Human? Or are we Dancer?

Plane Speech


Zepti: These mortals always get so emotional when it comes to moral judgements, don’t they?
Tehut: Well, at least we know the gate is working well, but honestly, I really do HATE letting those shadow demons in here.
Zepti: Staff and Dagger, Brother, Staff and Dagger!
Tehut: By the 150 Sacred Rituals….
Zepti: Oooh, I feel a tingle at the gate again. Looks like Anu-Akma’s returned one of the packages.
Tehut: Which one?
Zepti: Are we human? Or are we dancer?
Tehut: Bit of a brute, that one. Almost looked as though he enjoyed being possessed.
Zepti: “Ours not to reason why…..”
Tehut: I know, I know….Book of Starry Wisdom, Chapter 4, page 3, paragraph 6.
Zepti: Well, time for light and mirrors!


Killers is a perfect choice for losing two player characters- sad days.

Are we Human? Or are we Dancer?
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