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A conversation from another plane


Zepti and Tehut are two lesser acolytes of Thoth-Hermes, once known throughout the Southern Lands as Thoth. Their charge is the implementation of Thoth’s will in an abandoned library, deep within the Sarklan Desert:

Zepti: Wake up. There’s someone here.
Tehut: What? Are you sure? Aw no! It was that librarian subject of yours, wasn’t it?
Zepti: But she didn’t know where ….
Tehut: Well, someone found out!
Zepti: Probably those scrolls you left in the Library of Bemmea. These guys have a distinctly “northern” feel about them.
Tehut: Are all the tests in place?
Zepti: Of course! And there’s a symbol carrier with this lot.
Tehut: Well, I suppose that gives them a chance….. but look what happened to the last one.
Zepti: Hey, these guys have got instruments with them.
Tehut: Instruments? What kind?
Zepti: Musical. Musical instruments.
Tehut: Maybe they’ll sing their way out.
Zepti: We’ll see about that. Have you checked the gates?
Tehut: All working.
Zepti: Good. Well, let’s get to it then. May the moon’s light be upon you.
Tehut: And the Power of the Staff Guide you.
Zepti: ….and them.
Tehut: What?
Zepti: ….and them. You know, the musicians.
Tehut: Ah, yes. Why not.
Zepti: Ready then?
Tehut: Yes.
Zepti: Then let us begin!


Thoth sure seems Dark here…


He has been showing his darker side of late.

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