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Sometimes in life, bands go through line up changes, and never was that fact truer than when Arcael led the newly replenished SCHMIDT HAPPENS from the TOMB OF QORAZ for the second time, this time joined by the buccaneer, Brandon Kane, the fiery theologian, Incendarius, and the minotaur barbarian, Taurus.

Emerging victoriously with the Book of Vael Turog in the BAG OF HOLDING, the minstrels winced as they saw their boat, THE SPEEDWELL burning in the harbour, but rejoiced when they saw the small form of Spikey Jonze making his way toward them. Alas, celebrations were cut short by the realisation that their old friend was now a wight. A wight which they quickly slew, before meeting a wild man of the island offering scrolls of Restoration in return for promises of cheese. Old Ben Gone may be nuts but allies were in short supply, so his support was welcomed and life stories put off till a more convenient time; as was the arrival of pirate sorcerer Kotira and his summoned EIDOLON.

The talking book had offered help if they would get it to the shore, so sneaking their way round a promontory, they set up near a secluded beach while Arcael read powerful magic from the pages of the book. There were several minutes of tense anticipation before a giant land mass appeared next to the shore. With several undead followers of Queen Ilnora now descending from the hill towards them, the book urged the party to leap onto the new island. All were successful but for the not so dextrous Taurus, who stumbled and fell into a sea of churning REEFCLAWS that pinched and grappled him to unconciousness.

Brave rescue attempts ensued with the help of the book, whose Levitation and Fireball spells proved handy for just such a precarious situation. The giant LEVIATHAN then moved into the sea, leaving its new inhabitants to discover its lands as it sped far west across the ocean. Noting a barren landscape throughout the island, the merry minstrels found some old huts, an ancient ruined tower and what seemed like a glass bubble that they determined to be a magical airtight viewing room near the top of the head of the moving landmass.

The next day the group adventured further onto the island, discovering an old vault, thousands of deep indentations that may have been egg sacks and a little grove of trees tended by some weird mongrelmen that chanted for the party to eat of the GODFLESH, and offered pear-like fruits from the trees. Half the group partook of the offer and not only received nourishment but also some basic communion with the beast on which they travelled, learning that the creature was on a voyage of great destiny and that it was happy to be free. For those who did not partake of the GODFLESH, hunger set in after the remaining fireballed REEFCLAW steaks were finished.

When the LEVIATHAN dived into the ocean, half the party were in the BUBBLE TOWER but the other half followed the Godflesh loving MONGRELMEN into their secret cave, where they could see nothing but were well cared for with ample reserves of GODFLESH. For those in the BUBBLE TOWER, they witnessed three days of underwater travel, with great hunger pangs causing fatigue, but surviving on the water created by Incendarius.

As the great entity rose from the depths at the end of the third day, the group saw the edge of the world for the first time. A black expanse dotted with stars at the edge of a huge sea lip that seemed to be held in place by a great nebulous coiled form – the WORM OUROBORUS! Alarmingly, the creature was heading straight for the edge!

With a mighty leap, the creature plunged into the ether and started swimming toward the stars. Four stars seemed to move next to the creature, two on either side, until it made its way to what seemed like a huge star like citadel floating in the ethereal sea. Other star creatures came out from the city and one of their guides transformed into a humanoid figure.

“Alight, strangers, travellers on Leviathan. Alight and tell your tale. Wherefrom come thou? Wherefore art thou? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”


Well there is a tale I ever thought I’d read.

African or European?


Well delving into secrets beyond the world got a lot easier for our resident summoner


Eh….I don’t know that….aaaarghhhh!!!


The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.


It’s always a handy statistic to have on ANY adventure. LOL!


Hi guys
I may be undertaking a Psychology/Social Policy degree with the O.U. this is going to take 6 years and will cut into my availability on an evening/around deadlines.

Will keep you informed as and when I know more.


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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