Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Alas Smith and Jones!


Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs Jones are both parents who live in The Cartways of Zobeck. Don’t ask what they do for a living. It’s none of your business! But, hey, everyone’s got a right to live, haven’t they?

Smith: These bazaars sure are quiet. The only folks I see out are them pesky Spyglass Guild patrols. Thugs! Still, I hear one of them messed with a wrong’un and payed the price.
Jones: Was it Underhill?
Smith: Nah, I don’t think so. Underhill’s been “well hid” since it began. Here, any news on your young Norah?
Jones: Fraid not! Mrs Jones’s been asking around, but we dursn’t search right now.
Smith: Don’t worry, Mate. She’ll turn up. She’s a clever girl, that Norah!
Jones: I hope you’re right, my friend. If you hear anything…..
Smith: Sure, I’ll let you know…. But best be getting back inside now. There’ll be another patrol due round, and I don’t think they’re gonna be none too friendly to any of us Cartways folk hanging out in the open.


Norah being ‘Norah Jones’…

We may have to ‘accidently’ lose her in the cartways as a service to music… :-P

Alas Smith and Jones!

Bleedin’ Norah, that’s cruel! :P

Alas Smith and Jones!

On the safe return of Norah Jones to her parents, the two Cartways residents were overjoyed, and able by way of thanks, to show Arcael and The Oooze a safe way out of The Cartways and back into the city of Zobeck.

Alas Smith and Jones!

I liked stigandr’ idea better- slay her as a service to music! Lol.

Alas Smith and Jones!

Well, in the end they chose to return her, thus buying an easy way out of a tricky situation!

Alas Smith and Jones!

Well, either way a ‘sacrifice’ was made.

Alas Smith and Jones!
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