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A Town Called Malice

Chaos at The Grand Souk


Words whispered between two dark shadows in Ye Olde Darakhul:
“That be him – mithral shirt and buckler with the swaggering gait. See how he carries his blades!”
“Oooh yes, My Love! I may even enjoy this mission!”

Ramon Marakesh to Jim Al-Khalili:
“Give them a practice tent and prepare my private booth at The Odour. I would see what racket these Northerners can produce.”

Two young acolytes at the Library-Temple of Thoth-Hermes:
“That’s the one she likes. See by his furry face – Nkosi! Hangs around with them Northerners, I hear.”

Two Kobolds in Ye Old Darakhul:
“That one’s a friend of Snakey’s. Leave his pockets alone, whatever you do!”
“….And his scabby friends…?”
“I wouldn’t!”

Two town guards in the Grand Souk:
“Killed a cave full of ghouls, they did.”
“They don’t look very deadly. Okay, I’ll keep my eye on them. But they better behave. Nobody’s above the law!”

Carmelle Qatada to her friend Giselle:
“Surprise double gig at The Smells tonight!”
“I heard it was just a bunch of Northerners.”
“It IS, …. But The Puddings are playing a surprise gig afterwards.”
“You got tickets?”
“Count me in!”

Elgar One-Ear to Tolot the Toothless at the TEAHOUSE OF TAMIR:
“I see that young Haytham is mixing with the Northerners. Trouble will come of this. You mark my words. Especially if that young lover of his has anything to do with it. There’s something about her that just isn’t right!”

Spice Girl Aisha Sabella to her husband:
“A bit of a tragedy at the market today.”
“I did alright, but some of the girls lost a lot of money….and some even more than that.”
“And the whole place burnt down.”
“I don’t know. Northerners, I think. But nobody knows for sure. It was all a bit chaotic.”
“When’s dinner ready?”
“Soon Dear. I just have to go next door and get some spice.”

Town Guardsman to Captain Wadir:
“By the time we got there, the whole place had burnt down.”
“And you had no clue as to its cause?”
“We’re sure Abdul-Jibral was behind it in some way. Challenged someone at the market, he did. And I heard they killed him twice!”
“For the love of Aten, we almost had them. If it wasn’t for that flying carpet…. Where is Jibral now?”
“In the cells, Sir, claiming his usual crap about Infidels and Genies.”
“Well, he can stay there for a good few days. Give the objects of his hatred some time to leave town… or disappear. I really hate that paladin!”

Two young slender lads at Boys R Us:
“So, are you coming?”
“You know I’m not!”
“No, I mean tonight.”
Finrod Halfelven and Peter La Fayette? I may even be coming twice tonight!”
“You Devil, You….!”


The Paladin may prove to be a recurring villain. Literally!

A Town Called Malice
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