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A Nightmare on Thelma Street

Crooktail's Miscalculation


Crooktail, Kobaldi Cleric of AZURAN OF THE EAST WIND, made his decision. They would attack this mischievously “big-spending” group of Jambuka and their flag bearing Kobaldi leader. With no Dragonkin guards appearing for at least 15 minutes, it was worth the risk. The group had been “sized up nicely” on their way to the pub, and they had some pretty good quality gear. With a bit of luck, his crack archers would down a couple immediately, and the rest would scarper! He gave the silent order.

The first hit did not score a kill, but a serious wound on their wizard would help. The Silverscale brothers, Grimey and Slimey had fired the first shots and would be ready to take the initial attack, with the two hidden rogues, Eggrunner and Snaretoe, ready to make flanking attacks. Crooktail reckoned if he had to lose a couple of rogues, it would still be worth the venture, but just in case things got worse, he had his escape route at the ready.

With his favourite archers, Gary and Barry Gearcobble directly in front of him, he gave the “silent squeeze” for them to loose their missiles, and cast HOLD PERSON on their ENLARGED fighter. Now they counter attacked. Their sniper was good, but at least the fighter had been held, and oh shit! He hadn’t realised that kobold was a bard. Things were beginning to look difficult. Eggrunner went down. Ah no, not GREASE! Damn their wizard, and curse that Cleric of Seggotan for keeping the others alive! Looks like this wasn’t turning out to be the walk in the park Crooktail had been hoping for. He rushed forward to CAUSE FEAR on the bard, but alas, the slimy kobold resisted. Slimey went down. And Grimey!

“Run Away!” Crooktail yelled, as he speedily exited to the south. One of his rogues managed to follow, and his two archers. Oh, what a miscalculation. “TEENAGE RAMPAGE Indeed!” What a disaster!


Beware the “easy” mark! Well Rampaged!!

A Nightmare on Thelma Street

“Teenage Rampage” certainly came up trumps!

A Nightmare on Thelma Street
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