Campaign of the Month: May 2016


A human in the dragon empire. Notes from Arcael's journal.

Logged by Stigandr


The city has its lights, senses and noises. They all will die in time.

Unlike I.

I will outlast them all, outgrow and destroy those who might rival or threaten me.

And I will destroy those who rise from the chaos of fire and ashes of their destruction too.

Fools build empires for protection. Fools think that power is the greatest legacy one can pass on. The dragons are fools. The undead of the Southlands are fools.

Empires are targets.

Targets for destruction from those with a greater hunger. The hunger to destroy is stronger than the hunger to defend.

To build a small invisible legacy, to control without the attention of enemies, THAT is the way forward.

I will teach my daughters this.


Hey, I DID read this log some time back, but I forgot to comment. Thanks for the Log. It lays out Arcael’s attitude in no uncertain terms.

twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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