Campaign of the Month: May 2016



In the great halls of Eternal Darkness that are the chambers of Anu-Akma, a minion of the God of the Underworld sits at the Midgard Communication Station, listening for prayers, promises and cries for help.

From the Deep Desert about a day’s travel outside of Siwal, a Dread Wight (and ex cleric of Aposis) calls out for help as his body is savagely torn apart by Arcael and The Oooze!

“My Lord,” cries the minion, “Will you hear the plea of a recently departed soul – a scion of evil, a lord of Undead, exiled from his home graveyard by a zealous church, and cut down in his Undead prime by a bunch of human murderers posing as musicians….Will you hear his cry, Lord?”

Anu-Akma does not even look up from his holy book. He simply utters a single phrase that seals the Dread Wight’s fate:

“Nah! Fukkim!”


Lol. Terrible pun too!

A hard day's wight

I’ll take the criticism as it is due.

A hard day's wight

Poor guy….
Are you sure he was not listening to Poems, Prayers, & Promises?

A hard day's wight

LOL! Could have been. I once heard that John Denver was popular among the Undead.

A hard day's wight

You’re thinking of John Undenver.

A hard day's wight

Yes, of course! THAT was his name!

A hard day's wight
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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