Campaign of the Month: May 2016


A hard day's night...


Two months after their first impromptu gig, the group play their first scheduled performance at the Wheatsheaf Tavern. Lord Flasheart’s groupies are there but overindulgence affects his performance and he doesn’t quite jimmipage them. However, Arcael gets them going with his cool delivery and takes the hit on thrown panties. The night is a success and the rent is paid for another month, with an important scout by the name of Sir Henry de la Zouche inviting them to his office for a chat. Turns out he’s ONLY the agent for Lord Aaron Von Schmidt and there might be a bit of sponsorship on offer, depending on some OLD MARGREVE folklore collecting.

Grigori turns up at last with an offer of a title deed to a magical flute and The Enigmatics make plans for a journey to the village of LECOVA in search of a song and armed with the title deed to the fabled instrument of Elric Stradivarius. The boat ride down the Argent is uneventful but when the minstrels stop off in the marsh, they are surprised by a PUTRID HAUNT that rises up from the swamp and attacks with belching leeches and slamming fist. Twice they have to down the beast before the HEAD CHOP AND BURN technique is employed.

On the first night spheres of light expose the presence of two feral WITCHLIGHTS that blind and burn them until even brave Yander has to bury his face in the sand. Anastrianna the ranger and Arca Domina with her new composite bow loose powerful arrows into the night air, but it is the FORCE magic of Arcael and the HEALING magic of Truman Click that are the true victors as one of the small flying constructs is smashed, leaving the other to flee into the forest at high speed.

On arrival, the village of LECOVA seems an unsettling place, with its weird, angry scarecrows, its over-friendly children, its senile priest of Yarela and Porevit and its vicious goose that snaps at Lord Flasheart and receives a terminal slap with the flat of his blade. He doesn’t know his own strength, that paladin! “Well, at least DINNER is sorted,” laughs the grim ranger. The evening creeps in and the howls of wolves are heard from the nearby forest.


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