The Grey Friar Tavern

Alehouse drake by butterfrog

Located near the Temple District and popular with the followers of the Gear Goddess, this tavern and restaurant attracts a scholarly clientele as well as many workers and undermanagers from the local industry. The dwarf, Angus Short, a friend of both Lord Flasheart and Truman Click, can often be found here when he is not hard at work for the GREAGRINDERS’ GUILD. The GREY FRIAR has both a scribe and a gear kobold on staff to handle communications and repairs and it is also rather famous for its grumpy Alehouse Drake, Veridian, who although quite rude, can also be extremely funny and appears to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the bar’s female gearforged owner, Abrostar.

Abrostar is one of the few gearforged who seem to have a deep love of learning and she claims to remember every conversation she has ever had, and know the entire contents of every book she has ever read, and every face she has ever seen. The depth of detail she recalls even exceeds that of other gearforged. Many have tested her, but none have ever caught her out. Her eye for nuance means that the Watch often consults her in enquiries about travellers.

Staff at the GREAY FRIARS consists of two gearforged and thee young students, as well as the rude Alehouse Drake, if anyone might count him as “staff”. The food is terrible but cheap, the beer is average and also cheap. The priests of Rava bless the tavern and its patrons each day at noon, and the place is always packed after services at the Goddess’s temple.

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The Grey Friar Tavern

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